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Wouldn't your company like to reach a captive audience of collectors, painters and wargamers of miniatures? Start banner advertising now to get brand exposure and targeted traffic from this growing miniatures community!

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Over 700.000 banners are shown to approximately 46.000 visitors per month. Banner advertisements are rotated randomly in the header and footer of the website, and after the first post of a forum topic.

We have visitors from...

 Germany - 16%
 United Kingdom - 12,5%
 United States - 12%
 France - 8,1%
 Italy - 7,9%
 Spain - 5%
 Poland - 3,5%
 Netherlands - 3,4%
 Russia - 3,2%
 Australia - 2,9%
 Canada- 1,9%
 Belgium - 1,7%
... and 143 other countries!

Have access to real-time stats of your banner and receive weekly emails. See how many times your banner is displayed and clicked.

You have complete control over your banner ads. Change the image of your banner or the target link at anytime.

All banners have to be approved before they are placed. Payment is done after approval. Once payment is completed your banner is placed on the website.

Banner slots are 5 euros per 30 days, with a minimum of 60 days. Make a one time payment, or choose a subscription if you want your banner ad to be automatically renewed. All payments are done through PayPal.

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Tips to get more people to your website

Use these tips to increase the amount of times people click your banner advertisements and to increase your ROI.

In stead of only advertising your logo or company name, advertise promotions, services or (new) products in your banner images.

Buy multiple banner slots to increase your exposure. Use different banner images to draw more people to your website.

When advertising a promotion or product don't just link to your homepage, but to the page where the vistor can buy the product or find more info about the promotion.


The banners on the website are responsive, meaning they will rescale on tablets and mobile phones. Make sure your font size is big enough to read on the small screens!

Thanks for the tips, let's start!

Feel free to contact me at benno@bennosfiguresforum.com in case you have any questions.