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[Minairons] Retiring, finally

Posted by Lluis of Minairons on 24 Jun 2024, 22:35

Well, retirement is a river everyone must cross, one day or another - and such day has arrived for me. I am (sad? pleased?) to announce that I'm going to retire from active work next weekend, after reaching 64 years old.


Then, an unavoidable question arises now for sure: what is going to happen to Minairons miniatures, once I am retired?
Believe me that I've been asking to myself this very same question for several months now - and I'be been plainly unable to extract an ultimate answer yet.


If willing to know more about the issue and learn about my current expectations for an immediate future, please check the following thread in Minairons’ own blog.
I also strongly recommend you to bookmark the forementioned blog, to be kept aware of eventual future news.

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