Hannibal Crosses the Alps

Posted by Susofrick on 09 Nov 2022, 09:26

This is not really Konrad-class. It is even a bit better!!!
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Susofrick  Sweden
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Posted by Peter on 09 Nov 2022, 21:40

Susofrick wrote:This is not really Konrad-class. It is even a bit better!!!

Konrad is a master, with lots of patience, so this is "Masterclass"! ;-) And I agree with Jan, Konrad should paint the figures for Linear-A! :-D

Keep up the good work Konrad! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by OwenChpw on 10 Nov 2022, 12:55

Such beautiful painting for a beautiful set! The care in the little details in the cloaks and armour is fantastic!
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OwenChpw  Australia
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14 Jan 2020, 06:46

Posted by Iceman1964 on 10 Nov 2022, 20:46

I'm admiring such a marvel, really, really top class, the painting is great but the pictures are over the top, really astonishing.
Masterwork !!!!
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Iceman1964  Italy
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26 Dec 2020, 17:43

Posted by Morat on 13 Nov 2022, 19:30

I am not only admiring the painting but also the way it was set in scene. It would be interesting to show what it takes to put this together.
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Morat  Switzerland
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06 Nov 2022, 14:44

Posted by Bill Slavin on 13 Nov 2022, 20:22

I missed this first time around but wanted to add my congratulations on a superbly painted and staged scene!
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Bill Slavin  Canada

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Posted by Michael Robert on 21 Nov 2022, 16:53

Hallo Konrad,
really late, but can't resist and must express my admiration for these beautiful figures and pictures. All has been said. What a pleasure. What an inspiration!
Many greetings
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Michael Robert  France

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14 Oct 2009, 19:22

Posted by Michel on 22 Nov 2022, 06:43

Amazing Work, my Friend!!!
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Michel  Germany
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02 Apr 2008, 08:21

Posted by Crynsminiaturen on 02 Dec 2022, 10:49

Dear Konrad, I hope you are doing well and want to congratulate you with these very effective photographs.
Linear-A makes lots of excellent figurines, of course, but your painting style, your photography and some digital tools you used for simulating a snowstorm, makes them even more remarkable. Very nice. Well done. Regards from Amsterdam.
Crynsminiaturen  Netherlands

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07 Sep 2022, 15:25

Posted by carlosfaro on 03 Dec 2022, 20:05

incredible atmoshphere, you made a great contribution with this very good set of figures
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