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Poll ended at 12 Dec 2020, 11:10

I am too old for this gold..
How Santa pays his presents..
Total votes : 21

Posted by Dad's Army on 05 Dec 2020, 11:10

This is duel nr.215 folks!

The rules this time were:

The duel against mister X.
- Golddiger Atlantic set 1010
- Monthly duel mister X
- 2 pictures

You have a week to choose your winner.
Once again gentlemen take your places and may the best painter win.
Please leave comments after the duel has finished

"I am too old for this gold.."




"How Santa pays his presents.."


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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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18 Nov 2007, 22:53

Posted by Dad's Army on 12 Dec 2020, 14:03

Humbug, where is all your X-mas feeling hahahaha
The winner is Mr. X so concratulations!
And the big looser.... Me as usual!
But never the less, it was fun.

My figure kept a glossy shine on the pictures, that was a shame.
No photoshop used, and I am worse in choosing the colors.
I like the choice of colors Mr. X used more, and the face of his entry is awesome.
Tried to put some mud on the shovel and his shoes, but the picture did't show good.

Now I am going to make a loosing post on my blog, hahaha
But I want to take advantage of this opportunity to wish you all a happy X-mas and a better 2021.
That was my second tough by painting this figure.
Thanks for voting all...

Ohw and Mr. X will do another duel soon...
So I can't give a name now who he is!
And If you like to be Mr. X 2021, let me know :
It's more fun than you would think, so give it a try...
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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18 Nov 2007, 22:53

Posted by Peter on 12 Dec 2020, 16:37

I liked both but I voted for Santa (I want to get my presents! :-D )! ;-)

Great duel with this old atlantic figure! Congrats to both! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by MABO on 13 Dec 2020, 07:59

Sorry Remco, I voted for Mr.X. The face made the difference and also the matt finish. But as allways in the December duels, I like your idea to paint and/or convert the figs!
So thanks again for the entries and the nice duel. I am still curious who is Mr.X this year!
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MABO  Europe
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12 May 2008, 18:01

Posted by Kekso on 14 Dec 2020, 20:42

I voted for Remco and it was pity vote :xd: :xd: :xd:
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by Graeme on 15 Dec 2020, 14:13

I'm a bit slow on the uptake so I didn't notice that it was Santa's coat hanging on the shovel until after I'd voted. :oops: Even the title didn't tip me off. That was a really good idea for the time of year and very nicely done.

The face on Mr. X's figure got my vote. I'm always impressed when i see a figures face and I think I recognise someone. Is it just me, or is anyone else reminded of a certain modeler of very fine ancient ships?
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Graeme  Australia
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27 Nov 2015, 02:39

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Posted by Susofrick on 15 Dec 2020, 15:19

Even though Mr X:s entry was great I liked Remco's more. And it answers a very important question.
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Susofrick  Sweden
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Posted by Bluefalchion on 16 Dec 2020, 00:05

I voted for Remco, too, due to the colors used and especially the Santa coat.

But this is also the best entry Mr. X has done this year. If I could paint faces that well...uncanny. Very well done.
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Bluefalchion  United States of America
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23 Dec 2010, 07:57

Posted by Strolch on 17 Dec 2020, 19:47

Both figures are fine, good paint and have lovely colors :thumbup:

But at the end I have vote for "I am too old for this gold" because the face is a little bit better :-D
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Strolch  Germany
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02 Mar 2011, 21:43

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