[Minairons] 1:144 Hawker-Hispano 'Fury' fighter

Posted by Lluis of Minairons on 28 Nov 2022, 18:21


I'm pleased to show our latest 1:144th scale Spanish Civil War aircraft, the Hawker-Hispano 'Fury' (perhaps better known as Spanish Fury). This elegant biplane won the 1935 contest to replace Nieuport 52 as the main fighter of Spain. However, the Civil War early outbreak prevented the Republican Air Force to have enough of them available.


Just as previous models in this range, our Hawker Hispano is born thanks to the co-operation with Plane Printer designer through Patreon. It retails in box as a single piece DLP 3D-printed miniature, so requiring no assembly at all. Box reverse includes a thotoughful painting schema.

Hope you like it!

Lluís Vilalta
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